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Connection Is Our Deepest Resource

We are moving through evolutionary changes together, and the side effects include many challenges. But connection holds the light as we step forward!

With Valentine’s month upon us, I’ve been thinking about how fundamental connection and belonging really are. As evolving beings, we are retooling on the run and learning to connect on a higher frequency. Re-establishing our tribal connection is a major way to align with soul strength and repair the broken patterns of connection in our lives. Where can I do this?

Connection and belonging are the foundation of the home we call “self”. The desire to belong is in every thread of the tapestry of our human existence. When we work with awareness in a group it’s a huge resource for transformation. Not only do we improve self-connection, but there is a support-field of growth that elevates everyone.

We are high-tech, but we still have a deep need for tribal belonging. Maybe we need it more than ever, as our collective shadow emerges for healing through our lives. Our culture has leaned too far into media connectivity as a quick and dirty substitute for something we have less time for—sharing the authenticity and cohesion that feeds our souls.


How do we create a holding-field for personal and collective transformation? The feminine principles of slowing down and conducting shamanic inquiry expand us into the larger tapestry of possibility. Working in a group shores up an inner strength that is born of belonging. We recalibrate soul forces through the lens of knowing that we are valued and supported. It’s powerful to download a shift in consciousness together. When given the opportunity, the “language of the soul” expands us into multi-dimensional identity.

I believe in the power of sharing, self-inquiry and witnessing. I love to work with groups because it brings out the highest in us. The high-frequency energy of the group can carry each person through places where they were stuck – (like the “100th monkey effect”). Wisdom-sharing and discussion sets the tone of the particular type of shamanic journey we will be going on. I provide plant-spirit essences for those who wish to use them for the journey.

Gathering Souls are wisdom-seekers, conscious co-creators and light-workers –in other words, anyone who is open-minded and wants to grow. The skills of curiosity and listening deeply are tools for moving into a greater sense of wholeness. Insight and growth are contributions to our tribal wisdom. The journey inevitably teaches us whatever it is that we are truly yearning for. The journey will often will give the answer to the riddle we are struggling with, if we are willing to listen and speak the mother-tongue language of the soul. In the end, discovering the gift of belonging to ourselves serves everybody.

Upcoming Course -Mondays, March 4, 11 &18; 6:30-9

“Language of Your Soul“ is my upcoming course offering at Wild Dove in Amesbury. We’ll be tuning into your soul’s perspective and the brilliance of how guidance works. For more information and registration, please click here.

Bobbi Courtney
Supporting you to realize your evolving self.
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