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Belonging To The Light

Belonging to the light is a shift in context

We are a family of light – a matrix of consciousness called humanity. The power of belonging to each other is immeasurable when it’s activated and expansive.

It is our spiritual challenge and destiny to co-create our future together. Right now our souls are evolving more quickly than our circumstances, so you might feel the frustration with that gap. It feels like we are processing a lot of fear and trauma energy.

This course is about actually un-hooking the attachment to the fear paradigm, rather than just trying to release fear. We do this by enabling our cosmic citizenship and connecting with specific guidance. Our course will take place on zoom, and we still have the opportunity to journey with essences to get clarity, assistance.

In this course, we will learn three alignments that help you more fully connect into the power grid of belonging to the light. By using processes for alignment with belonging, WE transform our lives and up-level humanity.

The course is on zoom Monday evenings, 6:30 -8:30, April 13, 20, & 27.

Here is the payment link and I will send you your zoom link.

Questions? email or text/call Bobbi at 978-609-0497

Hope to see you there!

Bobbi Courtney
Supporting you to realize your evolving self.
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