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Life On Purpose~ Thursday May 16th

As evolving souls, we are here working on life issues in concert with our soul contracts. To understand how to move through both of these aspects simultaneously, we must enter the shadow to unblock potential. In this intro-class we’ll be wisdom-sharing and journeying with essences to help us ground and integrate a new alliance with personal power.

Where: Wild Dove~ 57 Main St. Amesbury

When: Thursday May 16 ~ 6:30-9pm

Contact: Wild Dove (978) 834-2197

Questions about the workshop? Call Bobbi at 978-609-0497

Bobbi Courtney, MSW, CFEP, author, psychotherapist and group facilitator is a somatic integrative therapist through the Center for Somatic Psychology at Weinacht, Switzerland. As a certified flower essence therapist with extensive shamanic training and experience, Bobbi brings passion and wisdom from all of these domains to her integrative coursework. Bobbi is the creator of Aura Infusions, and has a private practice in Amesbury, MA.

Bobbi Courtney
Supporting you to realize your evolving self.
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