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It’s time to go forward allowing your deepest humanity to rule the moment.

Even in fear, your organic humanity carries the light of the day.

It’s time to ride the waves of change, like you always knew you would.

Your consciousness is the horse and you are the rider who bridges two realities,

as long as you stay on your horse; You can do it.

Through the unknown, instinctively.

Stay with it, my friend.

You must not fall off, nor give up.

You have your horse, your deeper knowing and your purpose. These are your instincts.

The fear gets worked through with each stroke forward. You are actively shifting.

Trust. She knows how to move through these waters, as long as you stay with her.

We are gathering in January for a three month program led by psychotherapist and owner/program developer of the Light Matrix Institute, Bobbi Courtney, MSW, CFEP. We are creating a space for you to re-conceive your reality, based on your inner instructions and natural instincts. Together.

Connect here for information on our intro workshop and our Empowered Belonging Program.

Bobbi Courtney
Supporting you to realize your evolving self.
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