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Belonging ToThe Water Retreat -Friday July 19th 1:00-6:00

surf the gentle waves of sound, breath and water


Join us for a one day retreat, belonging to the water of our personal and planetary bodies.We will cultivate mutability, adaptability and wholeness.

When: Friday, July 19th 1:00-6pm

Where: New Castle

Contact: Bobbi 978-609-0497

Experience water as a plenum of bio-cosmic intelligence and support

Water can be an energetic gateway to ancient memory and to a felt-connection with everything. We instinctively know we are one with the ocean. We are participants in a continuum of life that nourishes us. Relax and restore the fluid tides within and in the coastal waters of your larger "body". Using a unique relationship with sound, breath and movement, we can redefine gravity, release restriction and immerse in belonging.

We'll work our internal tides on land and our "Gaia tides" in the bay, and then enjoy a meal together!

Bobbi Courtney, MSW, certified essence practitioner and somatic integrative psychotherapist, is the founder of Wave M'ocean and co-author of Nalu - The Art and Science of Aquatic Fitness, Bodywork and Therapy. Bobbi is certified in Integrative Aquatic Body Psychotherapy through the Center for Somatic Psychology and in Integrative Deep Imagery through the Institute for Visualization Research. Bobbi has provided group work and private sessions to evolutionary explorers for two decades. Her group work process is intended to provide personal and evolutionary support.For more information visit

Bobbi Courtney
Supporting you to realize your evolving self.
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