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Aura Infusions are Vibrational Botanicals

What are Vibrational Botanicals?

Vibrational Botanicals are various preparations made with the vital life force of a plant substance for use in healing. An ancient form of healthcare, flower and gem essences and essential oils are used to prompt greater levels of health and well-being in the user. There are two major categories of botanicals used to create Aura infusions: Essences and Essential Oils.


Vibrational essences are a part of ancient wisdom, and are used widely throughout the world. They contain life force energy of a plant's flowers (stems, leaves, roots, buds, , minerals/gems, or the energy of a place (called "environmental" essences). Essences are usually in a liquid medium, (generally water) with a preservative like alcohol spirits added. MORE

Essential Oils

An essential oil is made by distillation of plant material with either water or steam or by mechanical processing . Following the distillation, the essential oil is physically separated from the water phase.. MORE

How Aura Infusions work

Plants and gems are imbued with vibrational imprints in a way that makes them each unique. Through use of essences, our body, mind and spirit recognizes the qualities associated with those imprints. There is an intelligence within us that is not equated with our brain. This kind of intelligence, which is more appropriately associated with our spirit and emotions can be cued, or awakened through resonance with a signature frequency that is recognized as beneficial. The vibrational imprints remind us of our own deep innate intelligence, wisdom, moving us to a greater state of health and balance in the process. MORE

How the Aura Infusions are used

Typically, these botanical blends are sprayed into the air around you as you enjoy the aromatics.Your Aura Field will come into contact with the synergistic vitality of the spray. Also, the air-borne molecules of the high grade aromatherapy oils are taken into the olafactory bulb, where they are translated into impulses received by the limbic brain for relaxation, centering, and settling and balancing of emotions. MORE

Using Aura Infusions with other forms of healthcare

Aura Infusions work very well with other forms of healthcare. Psychotherapists, energy workers, massage therapists, hypnotherapists, astrologers, acupuncturists, homeopaths, chiropractors, and medical doctors are finding that Aura Infusions are easy to use and nicely compliment their work. MORE

Aura Infusions Create Positive Changes by Directly Infusing Your Energy Field

Shift your reality easily and effortlessly with essences that open your heart to joy, bring stability to your system, reduce feelings of stress, help you get centered and grounded, and expand your consciousness. These shifts in your state of mind impact your whole existence, your ability to BE peace, love, harmony, joy, abundance, protected and live your abundant reality. MORE

How they are made.

Each Aura Infusion is carefully blended to bring in higher energies, repair your energy electrical system and balance your mood. The bottles are prepared individually, with the utmost care and attention to assure a high vibration product. A Herkimer Diamond is prepared for each bottle, which harmonizes the formulation of botanicals and gems, and prepares these energies to be transmitted to the aura. The Herkimer diamond is placed inside each bottle, which potentiates the botanicals and gems in the formula. The effect of vibrational alchemy allows your original energetic blueprint to emerge according to your own pace. 

Selecting Aura Infusion

As you read the definitions of each Aura Infusion, select those that resonate with your present issues and challenges. It is also appropriate to use your intuition, kinesiology, dowsing, or to ask your wellness practitioner to use their distinctive process to make selections for you. You are also welcome to contact us with questions regarding recommendations. 

Vibrational aromatherapy

Vibrational aromatherapy is a dynamic blend of plant and/or gem energy extracts that carry frequency signatures. These energy imprints help keep our human electrical system in balance and support us to reach our fullest potential. Each synergistic blend of pure essential oils, flower and gem essences creates a specifically targeted opportunity for human emotional, spiritual and electo-system transformation. MORE

The use of flower essence therapy for calming people with autism

As a psychotherapist who is also certified in flower essence therapy and aromatherapy I have found that certain gem, essential oils and essences can really help with some of the impulsive and behavioral problems that arise in people with autism, such as aggressiveness, outbursts, self-injurious behavior, frustration and anger. Many individuals with autism are subject to these issues of self-control, and sometimes we just don't really know what is causing it. It is like a switch is flipped with little or no warning, and the person escalates from a state of mild frustration into an outburst that is sometimes dangerous to themselves or others. When a person doesn't have the higher functioning cognitive, communication and coping skills, he or she is vulnerable to experiencing raw emotion and impulsive/reactive behavior. MORE

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