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Bobbi Courtney, MSW
Holistic Psychotherapist, Certified Flower and Gem Essence Therapist

Bobbi Courtney is the founder of Essence of Life Therapy and the creator of Aura Infusions. She is a holistic psychotherapist and certified flower essence and gem elixirs practitioner. Bobbi brings a rich background of knowledge in holistic therapy, somatic psychology, shamanic deep imagery (through the Institute for Visualization Research), and is certified in Integrative Aquatic Body Psychotherapy, given in Wienacht, Switzerland through the Center for Somatic Psychology. Other aquatic modalities she is proficient in include WATSU, Waterdance, and her own modality, Wave M’ocean, which is featured in her book, Nalu - The Art and Science of Aquatic Fitness, Bodywork and Therapy. Bobbi is a licensed psychotherapist with a masters degree in Social Work from Smith College, a certified Reiki master,  and she has extensive training in Continuum Movement, Somatic Experiencing, and Sensation and Em’ocean.

A Personal Note

I believe everyone is on a spiritual journey disguised as everyday life. I had already been a shaman-based therapist for many years when I began to explore flower essences personally. The essences helped me as I was delving deeply into intuitive work. They were very stabilizing to my core as I moved through rapid change. I felt so strongly about their benefits, I started to integrate essences into sessions with clients. I am grateful that the inclusion of essences has allowed me to be a more effective catalyst as I work in a midwife role to assist the emergence and integration of transformation with my clients.  

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