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Have You Ever Wanted To Have A Custom Blend of Flower Essences Made For You?

I'm Partnering with Wild Dove in Amesbury to make it possible for people to experience having a blend made for them

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are liquid, energetic remedies made from the flowers of living plants. The vibrational imprints resonate with our own deep innate intelligence, wisdom and heart, moving us to a greater state of health and balance.

I have been using essences with clients for two decades because they have proven to be of remarkable assistance to people in their healing and personal growth journeys. Plant and gem essences naturally move us toward wholeness.

What happens in a consult?

Through a process of inquiry, I find the correct dynamic energies of essences that will help your chakra system to release, strengthen, and become better aligned - overall, to improve function. This translates into feeling safer, stronger, calmer, less stressed or emotionally burdened.

What I am offering through Wild Dove is an opportunity to have an affordable consult and blend.

Having a consult for a blend can help you begin to understand how flower essence therapy is a tangible support for up-shifting your emotional and spiritual life. Essences are such a precious gift to humanity because, overall, they become a source for grace and ease in the lives of those who partner with these energies. You will also receive a blend to help where you are at in this moment in time. During the consult, we take a look at what is revealing itself to be addressed, such as grounding, healing, stabilizing, protecting, and opening to higher support.

Use this link to book an introductory session for $55, or call the Wild Dove Directly at 978-834-2197 to schedule.

Bobbi Courtney
Supporting you to realize your evolving self.
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