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"After our sessions, I went up to NJ to help my mother complete her move to FL. I was calm and had no problems (with the issues we discussed). All bad feelings and resentment are gone. I used my Guardian Angel spray on me, and her too.  Then I sprayed it around the house and used some Reiki for positive feelings in the house. When my mom and I were ready to leave we thanked the house for giving us good shelter and taking care of our family.  Then we wished it happiness to care for a new family. I've used the spray on my mom and her new place. Happily, I can say she is doing well.  And, since having an open house on May 7th, we now have 3 offers for the house.  YEAH!!!"
~G.M, Baltimore, MD

• • •


"I had been spraying Guardian Angel Spray on myself for two days. On the morning of the second day I was driving to Newburyport early in the morning. I was approaching the off ramp to Route 110 when I sensed a strange sensation behind me. I glanced in my rearview mirror to see the car behind me spinning 360's across the highway. As if that was not terrifying enough, the second car back was also spinning around! I had an instantaneous thought to step on the gas and get out of Dodge, before I was hit!  I felt amazed at the turn of events and can only believe that I was somehow protected by the Guardian Angel spray"

~Jen Broberg. Haverhill, MA

• • •

“I find I have used all my Guardian Angel, which seems to work really quite amazingly well (and thank you). I will try your website to order some more, however I really wanted to tell you how much I like it! Warm wishes to you”

~Helen Rollins Lord, President, Women's Intimate Solutions, LLC

• • •

"I have enjoyed the beautiful aroma that Love Infusion perfume creates with my body chemistry. I tend to feel very uplifted when I wear it. Several times people have complimented me on the lovely fresh smell. One of life's pleasures!"  
~Bonnie, Danvers, MA


“I was recently introduced to Guardian Angel during a healing circle. The concept of an aura spray was totally new to me, but Bobbi’s sprays came highly recommended by a great healer. I thought, “What the heck!” and sprayed myself with Guardian Angel. I didn’t think about it until much later in the day, when I got home late and made a beeline for the bathroom. I was sitting there, when the sound of pounding feet coming my way alerted me to trouble.  My resident feral “bad cat”, Possum, was running into the bathroom. (My arms and legs are scarred from the many encounters with a Possum. who wanted to be close but not touched). Suddenly he leaped upon my naked lap. My initial reaction was abject terror, but I quickly got my breathing under control and relaxed. Possum leaned into me and starting purring, and then he reached up and put both paws on my shoulders, rubbing his head against mine. I gently caressed him, and he just purred contentedly. Since that day, Possum has jumped into my lap many times, curls up in my lap when I’m sitting at the computer, and he even sleeps on my left side every, single night.  n bed, I can gently move him around and touch him everywhere, and he stays relaxed. I still hesitate to pick him up, but he is so much calmer and more relaxed now. The only thing that has changed in our lives has been the addition of Guardian Angel, with an occasional spritz of Spirit of Love. I urge you to try it yourself and experience your own miracle”
~Donna, F, MD

• • •


"I have been using Guardian Angel to help myself feel safe and protected while I am undergoing a series of medical procedures and it has really helped me feel more confident about everything. I also have a three-year old son who was having nightmares. We started a ritual where we would spray the Guardian Angel at bedtime, just before we read a book. He says, “I want some rain!”  I spray it in the air, then, I spray a little on his pillow when I tuck him in. His dreams don’t wake him up anymore and they are not as “tragic” when he tells me about them. Thank you, Bobbi. We both love the “Guardian Angel rain!"

J.C. Marblehead, MA


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