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Love Infusion

Intoxicating gem infused perfume

Everybody has loved this new creation!  A Love inspired essential perfume comprised of subtle exotic blending of precious essential oils and absolutes infused with rose quartz and rubies. The compelling note is of Jasmine Absolute Oil which is known to be an aphrodisiac and has seductive qualities. This handcrafted sensual invitation contains a proprietary blend of precious oils enhancing the jasmine with light hearted citrus and rosewood overtones. All oils are either organic or wild crafted.

The efffects:
This botanical-gem alchemy is soothing, sensual and uplifting. It enhances your passion for life and your self-confidence to embrace heart centered potency and receptivity.

"I have enjoyed the beautiful aroma that Love Infusion perfume creates with my body chemistry. I tend to feel very uplifted when I wear it. Several times people have complimented me on the lovely fresh smell. One of life's pleasures!" ~Bonnie, Danvers, MA

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