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Flower Essences Are For Animals, Too!

Flower essences can be easily administered to animals either with a dropper or by putting drops in their drinking water. Essences are safe and effective for pets. Bobbi has worked with animals in person or long distance for years, treating a range of issues including introducing a new pet, separation anxiety, fears and physical issues such as "hot spots." Animals respond well to flower essences because they are energetically close to Mother Gaia.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

Love is the answer.

(This testimonial is about Cooper, a dog who had lost confidence after his companion dog died and then was vulnerable to being bullied by “alpha” dogs)… ”Life with Cooper is definitely better… Cooper went to a new Doggie Day Care on Saturday as we were having a wedding shower here and his regular provider was away for the weekend....he came home with a glowing report on playing well and having fun with other dogs”…   ~Valerie, Newburyport MA

Bobbi Courtney is such a talented person and is AMAZING with my dog Zoey.  She just "gets" her and how to help whatever is happening with her.  Bobbi is the only one that has been able to cure Zoey of Lyme disease.  She has also helped her with anxiety, fear, being aggressive, and has just helped to calm her.  After a few treatments with Bobbi, my friends all commented...What did you do to her, she is a totally different dog, it is amazing how calm she is.  Bobbi has also helped Zoey with a problem with "leaking", if it wasn't for her energy treatments and Flower Essence Blends...we would be sunk!   ~L. Francis, Newburyport, MA

My dog, Maisie was suffering from severe car-sickness. By the time I found Bobbi, Maisie’s association to the car itself triggered anxiety, and a few moments of the car moving caused her to wretch. Bobbi formulated a blend for Maisie that calmed her down and helped her let go of this patterned response. Simultaneous with the flower essence therapy, Bobbi provided behavioral therapy for her. This included a “gradual exposure therapy,” which desensitized her to the habitual panic association with the car. It worked beautifully and it was wonderful to witness the daily improvement to the point where I can take Maisie in my car with no problem now… ~Ellen McCurly, LICSW, MPH, Newburyport, MA

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