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Gem Infused Perfumes 

Introducing Intoxicating Gem Infused Perfumes With A Purpose


"These perfumes are not only exquisitely aromatic, but they can enhance a positive and happy state of being in ways that only gemstones and high vibration botanicals can. Enjoy! " ~Bobbi

What is a gem infused perfume?
Gem-infused perfumes are pure plant and gem alchemy. These aromatic treasures are carefully prepared to harmonize nature's dynamic frequencies and aromas with your body chemistry and emotional state. The dynamic high frequency of plants and gems support your system, while at the same time provide a natural and gentle mood enhancement.

The spirit-power and beauty of nature is bio-compatible with you and serves a greater purpose than traditional chemically based perfumes. These are true perfumes, bringing Divine nature intelligence and aromatic pleasure directly into your experience and body chemistry.

The link between the sense of smell and our emotions is both deep and profound. No other sense has the ability to interface so directly with the primitive part of our mind that is the timeless seat of our moods and emotions.


Our sense of smell transports us back in time and space. On this magical journey we re-live long forgotten experiences and emotions. Today's aroma finds yesterday's aroma in our memory, by passing the conscious mind and logic.

Smells are surer then sounds or sights to make your heart strings crack.   ~Rudyard Kipling

Awakening using custom blend perfume

Hi Bobbi -I received my custom perfume, mist, and blend. I am so happy with them all. The perfume is lovely, and I was telling my friend today that I cannot believe how quickly I'm responding and getting relief from the hot flashes. These plus the first blend are really helping me to awaken.  I'm becoming so much more aware of myself - it feels like a flower slowly opening. My weight has been a big area of denial for me, and the fear that I can't do anything about it is becoming a little less scary.  I appreciate your guidance. I'm so happy Christina referred me to you…. ~Sherry White, Boston, MA


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