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Dynamic Life Changing Therapy

Sessions organically unfold to help you cultivate your skills, resources and confidence to transform areas of concern in your life. Together, we will explore how you can work with your intentions, release obstructive belief patterning and support your co-creative process. You will experience powerful insights as you discover and learn to trust your natural intuitive language.

The essences that are used during and between sessions are vibrational plant and gem extracts that bring their natural dynamic energy directly into your bio-emotional system to create greater resilience and well being. They are also very helpful in shoring up energetic boundaries, repairing the effects of trauma and shock, and assisting you to stay grounded while moving through change. During sessions infusions may be used to facilitate shamanic-based imagery. Custom flower and gem essence infusions are provided to protect, balance, nurture, calm and support the positive changes you are making between the sessions.

Discover the Essence of Life

April 6, 2016

Hosted by Karen Leavitt
Guest Bobbi Courtney

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Enjoy A Fuller, Happier & 
More Abundant Life

Shamanic-based sessions empower you to:

  • Use essence infusions and shamanic journeying to activate higher level perceptions.

  • Cultivate your intuitive abilities and learn
    co-creative manifesting.​

  • Liberate from fear, lack and limitation; awaken heart-based knowing and synchronistic flow. 

  • Feel more supported and emotionally safe;
    Let worthiness and clarity guide you.

  • Understand how your emotions, challenges and pain ARE your spiritual resources.

  • Deepen your self-awareness and confidence to find answers regarding relationships, changes, moving through grief, beyond losses & trauma, and accelerating your personal growth.

  • Learn how you can bring power to your choices

I found that using the essences along with gentle guided visual imagery given by Bobbi beneficial in helping me deal with deep issues that wanted to heal. I felt totally supported and at ease on this journey. I became empowered and created a new image and distinction of myself which allowed me to better handle current issues in my life.   ~Carol

Our son was struggling with so much pain and anguish that no matter what we and all the priests, friends, or family members said, we couldn't help him.  He has had several  sessions with Bobbi, and we can say he is happy to have her in his life… He wants to see her every day!!    We believe she is helping him change his life!  ~Parents of JC

I highly recommend Bobbi to anyone that would like to take a more holistic approach to healing. I've had several phone sessions with Bobbi each followed with a customized blend to help me with whatever issues I'm currently dealing with. I have found that the counseling session in conjunction with the specialized blend has helped me advance to the next level of my journey for a more fulfilling life!    ~Bonnie W., Kennebunk, ME   (Phone Session)

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