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Essence of Life Therapy Sessions

You can manifest the life you want
This is such an incredible time to be alive! We are awakening and aligning with an expanded sense of who we really are! But this is pushing up issues in our lives that must be dealt with in order to move forward. With the support of transformative sessions and essences, you can more easily become what you are reaching for.  Instead of  waiting for your life to go back to normal, you will be assisted to use your life as a playground for expansion and possibility.

Co-creative flow
Sessions are geared to assist the process of growth and personal evolution. As we work together, your system learns how to partner with forces from within. Flower essences help to organize around the perceptual shifts. Integration comes from feeling subtle (or not-so-subtle) changes in identity. Manifestation is about becoming more fluid with vision and authenticity. Anything that does not resonate with your highest level vibration will naturally come up for release and re-calibration.


Personal Power

Shamanic journeying accesses deep body-mind and spiritual wisdom. In a deepened state of awareness, soul purpose and power naturally emerge. People start to become clear about what their life and intuitive soft-ware is telling them. Essences help to move stuck energy, making way for your higher-phase self to anchor.  Insights arise into change. Personal power is present as core-alignment and authenticity. 

Between Sessions

Custom flower and gem blends are used during and between sessions as vibrational guidance for your system to organize around. The essences will ease the release of patterns that hold you back while helping to awaken your dormant aspects of yourself and your potential. 



Sessions are available in person or over the phone. If you'd like to schedule a session, or would like more information, please contact me. I'd love to talk with you about the Power-full Essence Of Your Life!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continual care, guidance and support as I am moving forward in my journey of healing and evolving. Bless you"….  ~Chris B., Brookline, MA

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