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Flower Essence Therapy: Deep Support For Change

STRENGTHENING YOUR FOUNDATION It is my belief that when we feel grounded  and safe it is the basis of the foundation on which we build the structure of our lives and relationships. But so many people are under chronic psychological and physiological  stress that they are in a constant state of fight and flight or "freeze"  emotional state.  During sessions I often introduce essences that help stabilize and strengthen people's  foundation. Flower essences are energy plant extracts. In a way, the essences are the vibration of plants' intelligence. They are remedies that interface with our human electrical system in a very harmonious and deeply supportive way. 

HELP FOR THE FEELINGS OF PERSONAL AND INTERPERSONAL DISCONNECT Clients often report feeling out of sync within themselves and in their world.  There are many challenges  today that people are facing. Some have to do with their relationship with themselves, others are about changing life situations, challenging interpersonal relationships, and still other people are deeply affected by outside influences upon their lives. These estrangements are the source of individual disconnect, sadness, depression and anxiety. 

Processing while in a deeply relaxed state and being supported by essences, creates an opportunity for a new synthesis of information and positive feelings. The new outlook brings perceptions and insights that assist people to feel centered and more able to step forward  into the changes that they want to embody.

DEEP IMAGERY SESSIONS BYPASS THE CENSORING MIND AND ARE EFFICIENT AT GETTING TO ROOT CAUSES OF PROBLEMS SO PEOPLE CAN FEEL BETTER FASTER I love to work with people using flower essence journeying because new perspectives arise naturally and with clarity.  It's satisfying for clients to have powerful insights and have confidence in themselves.  Insights are more quickly integrated and transferred to life experience when messages when they come from within. Through a course of work together, people have the opportunity to build the foundation of self-connection and alignment with well-being.

ABOUT BOBBI Bobbi Courtney, MSW, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner earned her masters degree in social work from Smith College and completed a two year postgraduate training in Spontaneous Integrative Imagery through the International Institute for Visualization. She has over 15 years in private practice. To learn more about Bobbi and her work visit

 To schedule a free phone consult call Bobbi at 978-609-0497. 


Bobbi Courtney
Supporting you to realize your evolving self.
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