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Evolving On The Run

Transformation in today's busy world...

As you may have noticed, we are juggling more in our lives just to stay afloat these days.The effects of related stress sometimes mushrooms to the point of feeling discomfort, as it should. We want feedback from our emotional guidance system to know it is giving us accurate information. If we become uncomfortable because we feel ungrounded,  disconnected or anxious, the discomfort will hopefully cue us to seek something that will feel restorative.

As beings of light in physical form, we are charged with the task of evolving on the run in a very busy and rapidly changing world. Our psychological-somatic wiring helps us to intuitively know to seek safe places in our lives to let down, free ourselves from stress, replenish and restore.

Gathering to co-create the safe space to grow is an innate sustainability instinct that is in our cellular memory and helps us find compassionate connection and understanding. While we weren't paying attention, we lost some of our footing  in our deeper connection to who we really are. Many of us are waking up to the "something is missing" half life of social and intimate fragmentation. This is occurring just at the same time as we are scratching our heads in confusion as to why really old triggers and emotional states are surfacing when we thought we already slayed those dragons.  Why? Because while we are busy leading our lives we are navigating a dimensional shift, requiring those old triggered states to be healed and released. So many people are seeking some sort of context that supports their personal growth and expansion.

At some level, we certainly know that we need to feed ourselves at the compassionate and spiritual level. There is an instinctive desire for most of us to find and use community to stabilize and restore ourselves.  The Evolving On The Run groups that I facilitate are a welcoming “come as you are" space that encourages people to show up at the pace and in the way that their heart and spirit are guiding. In the spirit of co-creation we have been able to drop into a heart based experience of light work and evolution..

The overriding shift is an 18 inch journey from our heads to our hearts collectively. Spiritual/energetic structures are re-organizing, rewiring and integrating the heart-mind relationship in accordance with higher dimensional functioning. So, in group light-work we become more receptive to the to the light consciousness that is the truth of who we are.

Its always a unique unfolding that is steeped in a deep respect for ourselves and each otherwith lots of room to be ourselves that we don’t always find in our every day life. Flower  essences play a role by energetically connecting us to higher level nature intelligence  (which, in turn allows us to feel deeper into our somatic systems). With this support we do our personal work far more efficiently and effectively. We drop into a range of states of awareness and integrate. We leave each group session in a better position to own previously censored parts of ourselves.

. Through the experience of journeying and sharing we literally find the deeper connection we were seeking. It is what feeds us. New perceptual vantage points help sustain us in the face of challenges that are currently our growing edge. Life's triggered pain, fear and confusion  become our allys on the journey.

Often what we experience in journeys is so powerful, it often becomes a back field of support as we shift the psycho-spiritual inner world. Simply by expanding our awareness, we become a gift to one another and ultimately to our family, friends and community just by vibrating who we are at a higher level.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to facilitate this kind of co-creative connection and  emerging culture of awareness in our greater Newburyport area and beyond. Thank you to all the beautiful people who have shared their light in this context for evolving. If you are new to discovering us and choose to participate, you will find yourself becoming a co-creator in a discovery of expansion and a force for good. From that perspective I welcome you into the blossoming  culture of expansion to explore what’s next. There is so much to play with! You will most certainly feel welcomed by a like-hearted family.


Bobbi Courtney
Supporting you to realize your evolving self.
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