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Evolution Awakeshops

Why groups work is so powerful for the individual and the collective...

Evolution Awakeshops are a coming together of like-hearted people. A culture of awakening, percolating in the hearts and minds of many in  Newburyport, MA, Portsmouth, NH and Kennebunkport, ME is animated with the expanded imagination of journeying/inquiry. I love the people who are showing up on every level! Each contributing so much to growing ourselves individually and collectively into our next evolutionary phase. Each configuration of souls has its own personality and trajectory. There's lots to explore as dimensional shifts affect our identities of who we thought we were, and how that influences all the relationships in our lives.

So, why the groups?

The shift is very real and something is coming alive. I have provided a psych-spiritual "space" for people  integrating change;  For people to connect to their own evolution, and it also helps the group as a whole. I call them "wakeshops" because the components are there for the waking up process: inspiration, information, understanding, experiencing, .

What is so powerful about working in this particular way in a group? The feeling of community and the positive changes in our lives are rooted in feeling inspired to work together and showing up curious and open-minded. Our collective mindset:

  1. Our culture cannot shift without US shifting it. It has to be activated inside all of us. We need you. The groups are about activating/integrating higher levels of consciousness . Working individually is great, but the value of a group is that all boats rise with the tide. We are "being"  that space for each other that supports and accepts while we all move through an ocean of rapidly shifting beliefs and life experiences.

  2. We “Up-level“ each other. We pull each other up because of how the group process is structured. it’s a natural benefit of the coherence. When the culture of the group is one of supporting the highest level of who you are, people can go much further, much faster.   There is a powerful resonant field available, so participants  get  a lift to carry them over the bridge.  Each person's insights/breakthroughs are processed and integrated to some degree by everyone, so everyone benefits from everyone else's work. The group will hold progress in place. A funny thing about resonance is that, because each person wants to resonate with the highest opportunity for their growth, it causes everyone to do what is necessary to rise to the level we are working at.

  3. We work on "relationship to self" as opposed to the traditional paradigm of group work. The structure of journeying with essences allows each person to access, and fully integrate whatever  is emerging for them on their inner plane. There is a freedom in journeying that extricates you from identities that you were so attached to that you thought it was "truth."  But a larger context of who you truly are connects you to different aspects of yourself and it can be very resourceful and healing.

To find out more about being part of the co-creative process, visit or contact Bobbi at


Bobbi Courtney
Supporting you to realize your evolving self.
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