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waking light

A co-Creative Group Process for Anchoring Awakened Re-alignment in Your Life

Facilitated by Bobbi Courtney, MSW

We are in major acceleration of conscious awakening that is "breaking us open." Due to the waves of cosmic light impulses, aspects of ourselves are coming forward in our lives for transmutation. Also, previously suppressed soul imprints are trying to emerge and need support and anchoring. This is not an easy or graceful process, yet we must do the work of releasing 3D disempowerment in order to experience a greater truth within and manifest its purpose into our lives.

CO-CREATING We will work together during three sessions for down-loading concepts, experiencing journeys and group process -

Sept 30. October 28, and November 25th- from 2-6p

In between sessions you are supported by essence blends that you will take home.

CENTRAL THEMES We'll Explore Spiritual Alchemy as it relates to the transformational relationship with your ally; the visceral experience of your emotional guidance system; using parallel reality jumping.

Where: Hosted in a beautiful home setting in Arundel, ME

Cost: $240 (contact Bobbi if you can pay in full by Sept 22 and receive a $20 discount for doing so. )

For more info: call 978-609-0497 E:

Waking Up to Higher Dimensional Functioning

Each session is organized around opportunités to deconstruct fear-based programming, linear perspectives and unconscious attachments that hold us back. We are then more open to download system changes that support personal and group evolution. Journey work using essences that support dimensional convergence provides an especially powerful way to connect with the parts of ourselves that have been waiting for our attention. The essences being used are a form of vibrational nature intelligence that help stabilize new energy grids in your field and give the necessary electrical activation to hold higher vibration.

The group energy is catalytic for opening up to potency. All insight/growth effects everyone energetically and our sense of connection is a vital resource for expansion.

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Bobbi Courtney
Supporting you to realize your evolving self.
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