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Decompress and Shift Into Light Consciousness

Everybody I come in contact with lately has a lot going on, maybe a mixture of anticipation regarding the election, some people are feeling overwhelmed, or possibly stressed in some way.

In every version imaginable, I am hearing the question, " I wonder exactly what's going on?"

It seems to be a world of mystery, change and awakening right now.

I feel the good news is that we have the opportunity to release old, more dense ways of engaging in our lives and the world at large. Many of us feel that we didnot get the memo on the updated version of feeling peaceful, connected and balanced within the new energies.

Participants in my "Deep Change" modules asked me for an evening to help them decompress, shift out of the collective fear and then inhale the light of higher-self connection.

So I am offering a one-night workshop that is strategically placed between the election and the holidays! :-))

Please see workshop details below.

If you would like to join us on Tuesday, November 15th. (6:30-9pm) You can RSVP directly to me at 978-609-0497.

Finding Balance and Serenity Through Change

an evening to empower flow in your life

with Bobbi Courtney, MSW, Shaman

FINDING BALANCE AND SERENITY THROUGH CHANGE an evening to empower flow in your life with Bobbi Courtney, MSW, Shaman

As we go through the growing pains of shifting out of the collective fear and victim consciousness we can cultivate the care and feeding of flow as it shows up for each of us

In this workshop you will: Journey with flower essences that promote your natural propensity to feel and BE connected at a higher level

Transcend the realm of fear, worry, heaviness

Re-calibrate in accordance with your light body Flow with the PURPOSE of pleasure in your life as a principle of clarity and direction Expand awareness to hold more life potency

Cultivate nourishment and sustainability from within

Embrace the wisdom of making choices based on what feels good

where: Comfortable home setting in Newcastle, NH when: Tuesday evening, November 15th, from 6:30-9 pm invest: $50 RSVP Bobbi Courtney email: ph.978-609-0497 Bobbi Courtney, MSW , Shaman, author, psychotherapist, is a certified flower essence therapist and creator of Aura Infusions.

Bobbi Courtney
Supporting you to realize your evolving self.
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