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Be motivated, confident and stay engaged in your creative process!
Initiative supports the manifestation process. Energy can be harnessed from a strengthened sense of self to complete projects. This blend is a useful adjunct to the Focus Aura Infusion in supporting clarity of purpose and sequential movement from conception to completion of a project. 

"I felt more confident and I stuck with my commitments. I actually looked forward to doing certain tasks that I usually put on the back burner..." ~Marie, Florence, MA

Initiative Infusion Spray (motivated) – 1oz

  • Initiate new cycles of creativity and inspiration; stay connected with the motivation that nourishes creative energies and sequential stages of manifestation. Maintain momentum in the creative and completion process. Feel decisiveness regarding the next step and continue to learn and take action.


    Ambivalence, indecision, procrastination, resistance and problems with follow through. Shift from feeling stuck to being engaged in the creative process. Helpful if you feel scattered, had a setback or need to summon empowerment. Good for those who are fearful about making decisions and moving forward.

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