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Promotes Skin Health

Alchemicaly for your skin

We all produce new skin cells daily. AweSkin* promotes healthy skin and supports your natural ability to create vibrant new cells and bringing aid and relief to your skin. 


This vibrational blend is sprayed onto the skin to promote a quickened cycle of cell transformation in areas where there has been irritation, minor damage, inflammation, rash or fungal problems. It is also very helpful with canine hot spots.

AweSkin is a proprietary botanical and essence blend that provides a blueprint resonance for healthy skin cell growth.  This infusion is a very gentle, synergized preparation of a range of essences and oils of Umbra-culigerum Immortelle, Tagetes, Pelargonium roseum, Lavandula angustifolia, and Frankincense. The chosen oils have been long used for skin support and renewal and are greatly potentized by the alchemical infusion of a plant and volcanic essence blend.

*AweSkin is not a replacement for medical care. Consult your physician for proper medical diagnosis and    treatment of  any existing skin condition.

"Thank you for the Awe Skin spray. I used it on the burn on my arm from cooking. I noticed a dramatic reduction in redness and swelling after only one application. After only 3 days of use, it was almost completely gone. Your product is amazing."  ~Dan J-  Gorham, Maine

"What a discovery! After it cleared up my psoriasis, I now use it on my skin for everything from cuts and burns to athlete's foot,  and it always provides relief." ~Ana L., Peabody, MA

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