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Feel your emotions and body calm down! 
Temperance assists the transformation of anger, impatience, frustration and irritation into energy that can be used constructively. It can bring fast acting relief, bringing a calming effect to minimize emotional outbursts.  

"Temperance has really helped me stay in a calm mood in situations when I would otherwise be feeling much more frustrated. I am handling relationships, situations at work and my emotions a lot better!"
~Cheryl L., Westford, Massachusetts

Temperance Infusion Spray (patient) – 1oz

  • Upgrade your emotions and thoughts into more positive perceptions of reality. Feel your emotions and body calm down and stabilize when anger, frustration or impatience could otherwise flood your state of mind. Stay grounded, control your temper and feel safe when you are hurt or upset. Expand your receptive and expressive communication skills when challenged with difficult relationships.

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