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INTUITION INFUSION (expanded awareness) 

Be receptive to and confident in working with your intuitive guidance! This infusion recalibrates the alignment of the intellect and intuition. It also supports the flow of energy between the physical and subtle bodies, anchoring and integrating high vibration energy.Using the infusion over time helps to bring recognition of what is right and important at every moment so your energy and attention can be directed according to your heart centered, intuitive way of knowing.

"The first time I used it I blurted out something that I never could have foretold, but I found out later it was true..."  ~Sandra H., Malden, MA

Intuition Infusion Spray (expanded awareness) – 1oz

  • Gain confidence in yourself as a receptive vessel of guidance. If you are working with intuitive awareness, learning to track visceral feelings, extra-sensory knowing, flashes of insight and imagery, this infusion helps you open to your expanded awareness. The effect of the infusion is uplifting and can help you feel a tranquil, heart-centered connection with your higher self.

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