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Gem Infused Perfumes 

Infused Perfumes with a Purpose


"These natural perfumes are not only exquisitely aromatic, but they can enhance a positive and happy state of being in ways that only gemstones and high vibration botanicals can. Enjoy! " ~Bobbi

What is a gem infused perfume?
They are pure plant and gem alchemy. Their vitality  has to be experienced to know where they can bring you. These aromatic treasures are carefully prepared to harmonize nature's dynamic frequencies and aromas with your body chemistry and emotional state. The dynamic high frequency of plants and gems support your system, while at the same time provide a natural mood enhancement.

The spirit-power and beauty of nature is bio-compatible with you and serves a greater purpose than traditional chemically based perfumes. These are true perfumes, bringing Divine nature intelligence and aromatic pleasure directly into your experience and body chemistry.

Chocolate Bliss
Gem infused perfume  by Aura Infusions

The Chocolate Bliss perfume is a proprietary blend of precious essential oils infused with agate and nephrite. Be transported into an intoxicatingly enjoyable state of mind and body. The infusion of precious oils and gems is very calming, stabilizing and protective.  Apply it lavishly to enjoy the subtle and pleasurable aroma all day, with the base notes mixing with your body chemistry into the evening. Within the sensual and playful complexity of essential oil notes, you will detect a delicate essence of chocolate, which has been used throughout time in many ways to activate pleasure centers in the brain. It engenders feelings of serene self-confidence, creativity, and security. You may find that those around you are endeared by the sublime aroma.

What's in it? 
The Chocolate Bliss formulation represents a  creative vibrational process utilizing pure essential oils and crystals and stones that  are infused through a special process. The fragrance formula and process is entitled by law to trade secret protection, The proprietary preparation includes an infusion of an ancient rare preparation of vanillin, sandalwood, a hint of cacao, and other oils for enhancement. The perfume is preserved with organic vitamin E. 

A note from Bobbi Courtney on the artistry of gem-infused perfumes

It has taken years to perfect the gem infused perfumes and I am so excited to be able to offer them to you! I was inspired to make the Chocolate Bliss perfume while in training at a health spa in Switzerland where chocolate massage and body wrap treatments were offered.  The chocolate treatments revitalize the body, alleviate stress, and help you feel younger! In addition to these benefits, the chocolate bliss perfume has an irresistible aroma. Enjoy!

I wore chocolate bliss perfume to a recent wedding.  It smelled wonderful and made me feel  wonderful. Then I noticed everyone around me was very calm and mellow - even relatives that wouldn't normally be that peaceful in demeanor.  I now need another bottle of chocolate bliss. ~Priscilla H. Northampton, MA

I was nervous about delivering a eulogy to a very large group of people for a dear lifetime friend. I used the Chocolate Bliss oil on my hands, head, and neck.  It calmed me down, allowing me to stay focused and in the moment enough to deliver a clear tribute very peacefully.  ~Nancy L. - Windham, NH

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